Sewer Camera Inspection to Find the Exact Problem

Sewer inspection in Van Nuys, Northridge, and North Hollywood Area

Finding the exact cause of some plumbing problems can be difficult, especially if there is no way to get to the pipes without removing part of the building. Sewer clogs and other issues can affect drainage throughout your home, leading to widespread backups and blocked drains that affect your ability to use your plumbing and could even cause extensive property damage. When you are experiencing sewer problems, the first step your plumber will take is to perform a camera-assisted inspection of your sewer to find the cause of the blockage. This technology allows us to efficiently identify where the problem is, so we know exactly where to go to work.

Rooter Fighter is plumbing service located in Van Nuys, we cover Northridge, North Hollywood and surrounding areas and specialize in the diagnosis and repair of a wide variety of sewer line problems, including clogs, tree root invasions, and more. Our technicians will be able to work more effectively on your plumbing or sewer issue after using the sewer camera inspection. It might even prove that the problem isn’t there or is somewhere else.

Sewer Camera Inspection in Van Nuys, Northridge, Burbank and Pasadena Area

The benefits of sewer camera inspection include:

  • Definitive proof of a problem
  • Exact location of the plumbing issue
  • Resolving the problem quicker
  • Preventing unnecessary digging
  • Minimal damage to building or yard
  • Finding valuables that may have slipped down the drain

What Happens During Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer camera inspection allows your plumber to visually inspect your sewer line from inside the pipe. During this process, a small waterproof inspection camera at the end of a long, flexible cable is threaded into the sewer via a drain in your home or through an outdoor access point. The camera sends real-time video back to your plumber as he watches on a monitor, allowing him to see the interior of your sewer line and any problems that may be causing the symptoms you’re experiencing. Using an inspection camera to directly visualize your drain lines lets your plumber determine the exact cause of your plumbing problems, as well as the precise location of the issue. Sewer camera inspection not only dramatically reduces the time it takes to determine the problem so your plumber can get to work immediately, it also eliminates the need for guesswork or digging to access the drain directly.

Common Issues Identified During Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspection can identify a range of issues affecting drainage from your property. Some of the most common issues found via camera inspection include

  • sewer line clogs, which may be caused by the buildup of grease or debris over time; in some cases, items accidentally flushed down a toilet or other drain may become lodged in the sewer line, causing a backup.
  • tree root invasions, which occur when the roots of trees near your sewer line grow into the line itself, causing both leaks and clogs.
  • shifts or collapses that can cause disconnects or complete blockages of your sewer line, which could be mistaken for clogs or tree roots without visual evidence.

If your sewer line is experiencing problems, the time to act is now. The sooner you determine the cause of your sewer problem, the sooner it can be resolved to restore healthy drainage to your property. Rooter Fighter is pleased to offer free sewer cameral inspection service with our $59 Drain Cleaning Through Proper Access Special—please call (855) 272-7111 to schedule rooter service today.

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