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Your home’s wastewater is carried away from every sink, toilet, tub, and appliance by a single sewer line that feeds into your municipal sewer system. This drainage pipe is only a few inches in diameter and is subject to damage from several sources over time. Van Nuys Plumbing Service Rooter Fighter offers sewer replacement and sewer cleaning near Northridge, CA, to eliminate the drainage problems caused by a collapsed, blocked, or broken sewer line.

Top Causes of Sewer Line Damage

A broken or clogged sewer line is a major inconvenience that can potentially cause damage to your home. Understanding the top causes of sewer line damage can help you remain vigilant and take quick action by calling your plumbers if you suspect a problem.

  1. Tree roots are the number one cause of broken sewer lines. Over time, tree roots can break into the sewer line while searching for water, causing sewage to leak into your yard. The roots may also grow into a thick, impenetrable blockage in the line that is often the cause of sewer backups.
  2. Although the ground around your home may seem completely solid, the soil is actually constantly shifting and changing, especially with changes in the weather and settling of your home or foundation. Over time, these shifts can cause the sewer line beneath your property to crack and shift as well, resulting in a drainage leak when water cannot move continuously through the line.
  3. Older sewer lines were made from materials that are not as durable as those used today, such as clay or even tar paper. These materials will eventually deteriorate, causing the sewer line itself to dissolve and resulting in drainage problems.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer replacement allows your plumber to install a new sewer line without digging up the old one. This technique of replacing the sewer in place offers several benefits.

  • Trenchless sewer replacement requires only one or two small holes in your yard, often just a few feet in diameter. This preserves your yard and your landscaping so there is no damage to your property during sewer replacement or costly repairs after service is complete.
  • Your plumber can perform complete sewer line replacement via trenchless repair in a fraction of the time it takes to complete the replacement using trenches. Trenchless sewer line repair often takes just one to two days, as opposed to several days or even a week to complete with digging.

At Rooter Fighter, we area available at any time to help you handle a sewer or plumbing problem. You can find out more about our plumbing services or speak directly with one of our plumbers near Northridge, CA, when you call (855) 272-7111.

To make replacing your sewer line quick and easy we use a trenchless pipe bursting system. See more about it here:

At Rooter Fighter, we offer trenchless pipe repair solutions that can restore your pipes to their original condition! When you choose us for sewer and rooter services, you will get:

  • The knowledge and skills that come with years of experience in plumbing
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  • 24/7 emergency services that are available to you at any time
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If you believe you have sewer issues, please contact our Los Angeles plumbers at (855) 272-7111 to schedule your free estimate!

Sewer Line Replacement Coupon  in Van Nuys, Northridge, Burbank and Pasadena Area

Sewer Line Replacement Coupon  in Van Nuys, Northridge, North Hollywood and Burbank Area

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