What is Hydro Jetting?

Slow-draining sinks? Toilets constantly backing up? Foul odors in your kitchen or bathroom? If so, hydro jetting may be the solution to these and many other plumbing problems you are currently experiencing. The most effective drain cleaning method, hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to blast away scale, soap scum, grease, waste, and anything else that might be clogging your pipes. Hydro jetting is more cost-effective than other sewer cleaning options, and much more effective than DIY drain cleaning methods. The results are also longer lasting, since hydro jetting completely blasts clean your pipes.

If you would like to give your home’s plumbing system a deep clean, contact a plumbing services company in Northridge, CA that offers hydro jet sewer line cleaning services . When you call, ask about camera-assisted inspections so you know the plumber will get to the bottom of what’s inside your pipes and make sure to remove anything that could be causing a problem.

Hydro Jetting

How to Fix a Galvanized Pipe

Fix Galvanized Pipe Although there was a time in America when galvanized pipes were used extensively in home plumbing systems, they are rarely (if ever) used in newer homes. Part of the problem with galvanized pipes is the fact that they have the tendency to react with minerals contained in the water, which develops scale buildup that can lower water pressure, cause clogged drains, and even affect the water quality in your home. Galvanized pipes can also corrode from the inside out over time, which means cracks and potentially costly water leaks. Although your best option is to have your Northridge plumber repipe your galvanized plumbing system, there might be scenarios in which you simply need to fix a small area of piping. In that case, here are some tips for fixing a galvanized pipe that has become damaged or busted.

Turn Off Water Supply
First, make sure you turn off your home’s water supply. The last thing you want to do is unscrew a fitting or cut off a piece of damaged pipe only to deal with a sudden rush of water inside your home. If you aren’t sure where the water shut-off valve is located, take a minute to find out so you know how to turn off your water supply in the event of a plumbing emergency.

Estimate Condition of Nearby Pipes
Before you proceed with repairs, estimate the condition of the galvanized pipe near the damaged section you are working on. If it appears that other areas of the pipe may soon develop a leak, or if corrosion is very bad, consider getting an estimate on replacement piping services instead. In some cases you might be able to save a lot of money in the long run by replacing galvanized plumbing now instead of paying for multiple plumbing repairs down the line.

Replace the Damaged Section
If you only need to replace a small section of pipe, carefully cut the damaged section out on both sides using a reciprocal saw. Next, screw a female PEX or PVC fitting on both ends. Finally, install the carefully measured piece of PEX or PVC plumbing into the fittings and brush a waterproof sealer on the fittings to prevent leaking.

Tips for Avoiding Major Plumbing Problems

Some plumbing issues are unavoidable, but the good news is that most of the common “problems” homeowners will experience are more of an annoyance than a real plumbing emergency. However, that doesn’t mean a major plumbing problems isn’t on the horizon. That’s why homeowners should be diligent in preventing the plumbing emergencies they can control. Although clogged toilets and slow-draining sinks are to be expected at times, here are some things you can do to avoid an expensive plumbing emergency. Even with these tips in hand, it’s still a good idea to have the number of a plumbing services company in Northridge, CA on hand in case a sudden and unexpected emergency does arise.

Watch What You Flush
Toilet back-ups are among the most disgusting and unsanitary plumbing emergencies a homeowner can experience. One of the best ways to keep your sewage flowing in the proper direction is to make sure nothing gets flushed down the toilet that belongs in the trash can instead. Floss, cotton swabs, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products are examples of everyday household items that can build up over time and cause a sewage backup.

Keep Your Drains Clear
Even if you are careful about what you flush down the toilets and pour down the drains, it’s possible that your pipes can develop clogs and buildups over time. Although drain clogs can start out as minor inconveniences, they have the potential to cause major flooding and result in expensive water damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule drain cleaning on a regular basis as part of your home plumbing maintenance routine so you can prevent clogs from developing in the first place.

Replace Old Plumbing
If you live in an older home, consider having your plumbing system replaced or your pipes relined. In either case, investing in pipe replacement or restoration now can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in plumbing repair and water damage renovation costs in the long run. And if your home has galvanized pipes, new pipes can also improve your water quality and water pressure.

Tips to Keep Your Drains Clear

Do you want to avoid a costly plumbing bill? If so, be sure to keep your drains clear. It doesn’t take much time, energy, or money to keep your drains clear, but it can save you a big headache (and costly repairs) later on down the road. This video explains how you can prevent your drains from developing a clog, and why you should contact a plumber when a clog does develop.

If you want to keep your pipes flowing and avoid major plumbing issues later on down the road, contact a residential plumbing company serving Northridge, CA and the surrounding areas. Plumbers who offer hydrojet drain cleaning services can blast away even the most stubborn blockages from your home’s plumbing system. A plumber might also utilize an inspection camera to get a look inside your home’s pipes, which means he can pinpoint trouble areas in your plumbing and recommend the best services to avoid a major problem later on.