Avoiding a Sewer Line Backup

If the sewer line in your home ever backs up on you, you could face a long cleanup process as well as a big bill at the end of it. Your sewer line is used to dispose of all of the wastewater that you flush from your home, and it needs to be kept clear at all times to keep it working properly. At the first sign of a backup, you should call a plumber for assistance. You should also have sewer cleaning near Northridge, CA , done every year. Here are some other surefire ways to avoid a sewer line backup.

Keep Solids, Oils, and Grease Out of Your Drains Sewer Line Backup
The only thing that you should place down the drains in your home is water. Likewise, the only things that should go down your toilets are water, waste, and toilet paper. If anything else makes its way into your sewer system, you could put your sewer line at risk. People who experience sewer line backups usually find that paper towels, hair, oil, and other solids have clogged their lines and caused them to back up. You should make every effort to keep your sewer line clean.

Look and Listen for Signs of a Backup
Far too often, homeowners don’t realize they have a backed up sewer until it’s too late. By the time they notice the problem, there is raw sewage backing up into their homes or water pooling in their front yards. You can usually sense a sewer line backup if you know what to look and listen for. If your toilets clog up frequently or gurgle every time you use the water in your home, you should call a plumber to investigate the possibility of a sewer problem.

Maintain Your Sewer Line Properly
Much like you need to maintain your home’s HVAC and electrical systems, you should hire a company to inspect your sewer line and do sewer cleaning on a regular basis. It will stop your sewer system from backing up on you and give you the peace of mind that comes along with a clear sewer line.

What to Know About Replacing Your Sewer Line

sewer line replace If you’re a homeowner, or are thinking of buying a home, and you need a sewer line replaced , consult an emergency plumber near Northridge, CA. Common causes of sewer line damage include tree roots breaking into the sewer line, shifts in soil and foundation, and sewer lines made of less reliable materials. When you call your plumber about replacing your sewer line, he or she will typically ask about these three cost-influencing, issues.

Finding the Main
When your plumber asks you to “find the main,” he means the city sewer line that connects to individual houses’ sewer lines. Typically, you can find the main by locating a manhole cover on the road outside your home. Depending on where it’s located on the road—your side, opposite side, or middle—the price to replace your sewer line may be affected.

Finding the House Trap
Next, your plumber will ask you where your house trap is. This pipe is usually in the shape of a U and will be located in your yard or basement. You should be able to spot it by one or two visible caps that connect to the actual trap, which is deep underground. Keep in mind, if the trap is located in your basement, your repair cost might go up in price.

Finding Obstructions
Finally, you’ll look for major obstructions around the line. Trees and concrete porches are the most common culprits for obstructing sewer lines.

Once these few details have been found, your plumber can recommend a course of action. Typically, a plumbing company will offer a free consultation with reputable references. Once you’ve agreed on a price, your plumber might use a sewer camera to determine the exact problem area. Also, ask your plumber about trenchless sewer repair. If your plumbing problem presents as a qualified candidate, your plumber can repair the problem in a few days rather than a week or more, and spare your yard from more damage than necessary.

The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

A burst sewer used to be a nightmare for homeowners to deal with, but then trenchless repair methods came along. Although trenchless repairs aren’t suitable in all cases, this is your best option if you Northridge plumber determines that your sewer problem can be fixed without digging. Just consider these benefits of trenchless sewer line repair and replacement :

  • Trenchless sewer repair only requires two small holes to be dug, which means your landscape will remain intact and look great after your plumber finishes up
  • No large trench digging means a faster sewer repair, so you can get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible after your sewer line bursts
  • Trenchless sewer repairs are also considerably less noisy and disruptive than traditional repair methods, which will keep your family and your neighbors happy
  • The speed and ease of trenchless sewer repair means no heavy equipment and less labor, which translates to lower total repair costs

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