How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

When they’re working, garbage disposals are convenient kitchen appliances. If you’ve recently had to call plumbing services near Northridge, CA to repair your garbage disposal, you may be wondering how you can avoid having to do so in the future. Use the following tips to keep your garbage disposal in good shape:

Use it often.

Even if you’ve nothing to dispose of, using your garbage disposal on a regular basis is essential for helping it run properly. When you leave the appliance out of use for too long, this can cause its components to rust, corrode, or freeze up. Additionally, any food remnants left behind can begin to rot and mold, causing a foul smell to come from your drain. Once every few days, be sure to turn on the garbage disposal while running water.

Break up food.  Garbage Disposal

When well-maintained, your garbage disposal can make quick work of grinding up food scraps. However, it’s important to keep in mind that its motor is only so powerful. When you put too much strain on your garbage disposal, you may find yourself calling a plumber for repairs. To help prevent this problem, cut up large food scraps before sending them down your garbage disposal.

Use cold water.

In many cases, hot water works well for cleaning the surfaces and plumbing of your home. When it comes to your garbage disposal, however, cold water is optimal. This is because hot water can cause food in the disposal to melt and stick to its sides, resulting in buildup and smelly odors. In contrast, running cold water will help solidify the food contents, allowing your disposal to break it up more efficiently.

Avoid certain foods.

Your garbage disposal can handle a lot, but not all foods are ideal for its use. Foods like rice and pasta are expandable and can cling to the disposal’s sides and clog up your drains. Also, avoid allowing grease, bones, and non-food materials into the disposal. Putting the right foods through your garbage disposal can help you prevent the need for a plumber and having to replace your appliance prematurely.

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