Spotting a Plumbing Leak

Although you need quality plumbing services near Northridge, CA for a plethora of reasons, you don’t need to be a plumber to spot a leak. The sooner you spot a problem with your system, the sooner you can have it fixed. Take a look at this video for a few tips on spotting a plumbing leak.

When was the last time you checked out your attic or crawlspace? If it’s been a while, you might have a hidden plumbing leak that has gone unaddressed. Knowing where to look is a big part of spotting a leak, so be sure to check these spaces every now and then and follow the piping to inspect its condition. You might also spot a dripping faucet, leaking tank flapper, or other kind of plumbing leak around your home; call your plumber as soon as you can in order to minimize the damage done to your house.

What to Do About a Grease-Clogged Drain

Pouring your grease down the drain may seem like a convenient idea at the time, but it won’t seem that way when you find yourself dealing with a clogged drain near Northridge, CA. If you want to keep your drainage systems in top shape and allow your plumbing to enjoy a long and efficient working life, make sure you keep your drains clear. In the event that you do experience a grease clog in your drain, you’ll need to locate the problem and call your plumbing service. Keep reading to find out what to do about a grease-clogged drain.

Identify the Problem Grease-Clogged Drain

It is impossible to do anything about a clog that you don’t know about, so the first step in solving a drain problem is recognizing it. A grease clog is different from other types of clogs. Food scraps can cause a blockage as soon as you empty your dish after dinner, but these clogs tend to be easy to spot and alleviate. A grease clog, on the other hand, can build up over time and create a serious problem for your plumbing system. If you are dealing with a backup, consider whether you have introduced grease to the drain lately.

Call Your Plumber

A clogged drain may not seem like such a big deal; for this reason, many homeowners decide to try to take care of the problem on their own. Although you may have heard that running hot water through your drain can clear a grease clog, it can actually just move the grease further into the drain. If you experience a grease clog, it’s best to call your plumber as soon as you can. Your professional plumbing service can clear out the clog and help you prevent it from returning.

Use Your Drain Properly

There is no reason to deal with a grease clog on more than one occasion. A single grease clog will indicate that you should dispose of your grease in a more efficient way. Instead of washing it down the drain, put your grease waste into a garbage can and spare your plumbing systems.

What You Shouldn’t Put Down the Drain

Drainage in Northridge, CA is designed to remove wastewater from the home and keep your plumbing system working efficiently. If you want it to work the way it should, you need to know how to use it properly. Never dispose of grease by pouring it down the sink, and keep in mind that not all bathroom products can be flushed down the toilet. If you live with children, remind them not to play with their toys near drains. Continue reading for a closer look at what you shouldn’t put down the drain to help avoid emergency plumbing services.

Grease and Food Scraps Drain

If you tend to do a lot of cooking, you can end up with a great deal of grease. Many people decide to dispose of their cooking grease by dumping it down the sink or even the toilet, but this can wreak havoc on your drains. Grease will eventually build up on the interior of your drains, ultimately causing significant clogs and blockages. Instead of pouring your grease into the drain, you should dispose of it directly into a garbage can or another container. If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, it’s important to understand how to use that as well. While small food scraps can be okay to send down the disposal, larger food products can cause problems.

Diapers, Paper Towels, and Feminine Products

Just because you use something in the bathroom doesn’t mean it should end up in the toilet. While tissues and toilet paper are fine to flush down the drain, many other products should not be disposed of in this fashion. If you have just changed your baby’s diaper, make sure it ends up in a garbage. Paper towels and feminine products may be used in the bathroom, but they can cause clogs in your toilet if you try to flush them.

Children’s Toys

Although it seems obvious, toys should never end up in your drain. While you are well aware of this, your kids might not be. It’s a good idea to remind your kids not to play with their toys around toilets or sinks so you can avoid a plumbing service disaster.

Sewer Camera Inspection 101 [Infographic]

If you’re like many people, chances are you don’t give much thought to your sewer line. However, if you start to experience plumbing problems such as a blocked toilet or clogged drain in Northridge, California , you’ll need to take action. A sewer camera inspection can help locate the exact cause of drain problems before they become more serious. If you are considering buying a house, be sure to have a sewer camera inspection performed, as it is not part of a normal home inspection. Household items such as paper towels can clog pipes, and tree roots can grow into the sewer line. Check out this infographic to learn more about sewer camera inspection, when you should have it done, and why it’s important. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

Sewer Camera Inspection