Keeping Your Kitchen Drains Clear

In order to keep your plumbing system free of clogs and prevent your sewer line from backing up, you need to keep your drains clear at all times. This can be difficult when it comes to your kitchen, since it’s easy to send food particles, oil, grease, and other solids down the drain when you’re cooking. By doing regular drain cleaning and watching what you put down your drains, you can avoid plumbing problems. Here are some of the ways you can keep your kitchen plumbing near Northridge, CA, clear.

Place a Strainer Over Your Drain Kitchen Drains
If you spend enough time cooking in your kitchen, you’re going to find that it’s nearly impossible to prevent all food particles from falling into your sink and going down your drain. Therefore, you should install a strainer over the drain that catches them before they go down the sink. A good strainer will only cost you a few dollars, but it could save you hundreds of dollars in plumbing repairs down the line. Just make sure you clean your strainer out every day or two to stop food particles from slipping through the cracks and ending up in your drain.

Use Hot Water to Flush Your Drain
When most people think about doing drain cleaning, they think about using heavy-duty cleaners to do it. You can use something as simple as hot water to clear your drains, though. Hot water will break down oils and grease in your drain and push them through your plumbing system. Try to run your hot water for a few minutes at least once every week to clear your drains.

Call a Plumber at the First Sign of a Clogged Drain
Is your drain moving slowly or backing up frequently? If so, it’s time to have a plumber inspect your blocked drain and perform professional drain cleaning. Within a matter of just a few minutes, a plumber will be able to locate the source of your problem and get rid of it once and for all so that your drain is clear again.

Does Your Water Heater Need Professional Attention?

If you attempt to take a shower and find that you don’t have any hot water, you probably need to contact a plumber right away to take a look at your water heater. However, a lack of hot water isn’t the only sign that a water heater needs to be looked at by a professional. Rooter Fighter can send a 24-hour plumber near Northridge, CA , to your home to inspect your water heater if you experience any other signs of water heater failure.

So what should you look for when it comes to your water heater? Outside of a lack of hot water, an accumulation of water around your water heater is another sign that you need the help of a plumber. The water in your home may also smell funny or have a brown tint to it when your water heater is having problems. Additionally, if your water heater is making strange noises every time it turns on, you will likely need to have plumbing services done immediately. When you contact Rooter Fighter for help with any of these issues, we will send a plumber to you right away and fix your water heater for you.

 Water Heater

The Best Plumbing Pipe for Your Home

Whether you’re in need of new piping, replacing old piping, or cleaning your drainage pipes in Northridge, CA, there are a few things to learn about the material your pipes are made of. Consult with your plumber on the additional differences between copper and PEX plumbing.

According to the video, the cost between the two piping materials is significant. Copper can cost almost $3 a foot; PEX costs about $1 a foot. PEX tends to be more energy-efficient, but it’s unproven when it comes to life expectancy. Copper has been proven to last up to 50 years, and PEX manufacturers give that same guarantee or better, but it’s not 100% certain yet. Your plumber should have an opinion, and sufficient experience, to back up which piping he or she would recommend.

Understanding Trenchless Sewer Repair

Replacing or repairing your sewer can be a costly and damaging ordeal for your yard and house. Talk to your plumbers near Northridge, CA, about the possibilities of trenchless sewer repair to avoid costly damages to your property.

Pros of Trenchless Sewer Replacement Sewer Repair
The biggest advantages for a plumber and a customer to use trenchless technology, is the cost to a customer’s landscape, driveways, floorings, etc. By using the technology, a plumber only has to dig one or two holes to access the pipe deep in the ground. Another advantage is the life expectancy of the new pipe. The two methods of trenchless sewer repair either use an epoxy lining that is inserted and cured in the pipe, or fully replacing it with a new poly pipe and crushing the old one. With either of these options, your pipes have a 50-year life expectancy and are resistant to root intrusion and corrosion, which can cause water leaks. Using trenchless sewer repair, your plumber can save you money and stress for years to come.

Cons of Trenchless Sewer Replacement
Unfortunately, not everything is a perfect solution. Research your local plumbers thoroughly to be sure they can perform the trenchless repair effectively and efficiently. If done incorrectly, your cost could become exceedingly high. Also, trenchless technology may not work if your pipes are too far gone. This might happen if the pipeline is too broken up. Your plumber should offer a free consultation to let you know the best options for your sewer repair.

Do You Qualify?
Trenchless technology is an efficient and effective way of sewer repair or replacement, but it may not work for everyone. First, you or your plumber need to be sure your city codes approve of trenchless technology. Once this has been established, trenchless technology works best if the pipelines are very deep or very long. It’s also the preferred method if the sewer has to be repaired out to the street. This saves on costs, traffic control, and time.