The Best Plumbing Pipe for Your Home

Whether you’re in need of new piping, replacing old piping, or cleaning your drainage pipes in Northridge, CA, there are a few things to learn about the material your pipes are made of. Consult with your plumber on the additional differences between copper and PEX plumbing.

According to the video, the cost between the two piping materials is significant. Copper can cost almost $3 a foot; PEX costs about $1 a foot. PEX tends to be more energy-efficient, but it’s unproven when it comes to life expectancy. Copper has been proven to last up to 50 years, and PEX manufacturers give that same guarantee or better, but it’s not 100% certain yet. Your plumber should have an opinion, and sufficient experience, to back up which piping he or she would recommend.

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